A Jumble

I have so much to tell you guys today.

F12321418_10154010618803631_7003310696856097677_n.jpgirst, and most importantly if you love a bargain, Samhain Publishing is having a store-wide 40% off sale JUST for Leap Day. Unless it already has a discount on it, like ASHES (only 99 cents, remember!), it’s 40% off. That’s a serious bargain. Make sure you click through and check out the other great titles:

Leap Day Sale!!


As I mentioned, ASHES is still only 99 cents, a real bargain, and I woke up to an absolutely fabulous review from author, Selena Robins, on Goodreads on the first in the Divided Kingdom series:

” Sizzling sexual tension between Ana and Cade jumps off every page in every scene that they appear in together”

“ASHES is an extremely well-crafted paranormal romance written by an excellent writer.”

and “the unique storyline will grab you from the first page and won’t let you go until you finish the book, leaving you waiting in anticipation for the next instalment in the DIVIDED KINGDOM series.”

For the full review, click here

I’m also featured on Selena’s blog, talking about why I love a shifter hero 🙂 Find that here


So if you were in any doubt about buying ASHES, they should be put to rest by such a kick-butt Whispers72webreview! Especially since it’s only 99 cents…


Finally, because WHISPERS is being released TOMORROW – yes, I said that – I’m being featured on Lisa’s World of Books. I’ve already had some awesome feedback so far, so here’s hoping that you guys love Sapphy and Nathe as much as Ana and Cade!

Phew. I think that’s it for now. Hope I’ve given you enough to chew over there 😉



The Sad Goodbye

I think many of you have heard by now that my publisher, Samhain Publishing Ltd., has announced it’s beginning the process of closing down. It’s a very sad time for everyone involved. Samhain was one of the good ones, the trustworthy ones, both fair and friendly. And this act of announcing their eventual closure is just one more point to prove how fair they are to everybody involved. This way, rights didn’t get tangled up and nobody got the shock of their life.

tJDOQEqtSamhain took a chance on a new author when they contracted ASHES. They have been there through all my questions, willing to help in any way possible, and made my first two years of being published the best time of my life. I will always be grateful to them for that and wish everybody involved success in the future.

I’d like to reassure everyone that this does NOT mean you can’t still buy upcoming books. Authors still need you, especially at this troubled time, and it will mean the world to us to have your continued support. WHISPERS releases next Tuesday and I would love for you to keep up with the series. I have no fixed plans yet, whether I will venture into self publishing or continue with a different publisher, but I want to assure my fans that I will always continue to write the characters you fell in love with. They’re too hooked into me to step away now!

Please watch this space for news about WHISPERS’s release and the news of where I’m going next. I’d love to have you come with me. ❤



Ashes Only Ninety-Nine Cents!

He lifted his head so their faces were a breath apart. His eyes were like brands, claiming her soul. Though she fought against the pull, it was like trying to push back a wall of jelly.

— Ashes, Sophie H. Morgan

I’ve been sitting here a while, wondering how best to phrase this amazing sale that has started on Ashes. It was my debut, the first in the Divided Kingdom series and to this day, still one of my favorite books that I’ve written. A hot-tempered royal runaway? A sarcastic, charming shifter? With a love story in the past and a present where kidnapping is not unheard of, tying to the bed is standard and an evil human ruler tries to come between them? What’s not to love?


And for a short time, you can enjoy delving into the broken lands of the Divided Kingdom with Ana and Cade by spending ONLY NINETY NINE CENTS. I’m not even kidding. And with the second in the series releasing next week, this is your perfect opportunity to catch up.  If you’re unsure, check out what a few reviewers thought of Ashes:

‘ASHES is a fun ride containing explosive action, subterfuge, and romance’ — Urban Fantasy Investigations

‘Ashes is creative, fun, fast paced, and I fell in love with Ana and Cade almost immediately.’ — Vampire Book Club

“The characters in Ashes are awesome […] I can’t wait to learn more about this world.” — All Things Urban Fantasy

Find this amazing deal on Samhain, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Google Play!

Catch you in the Maze!


Kick Off Review: What a Girl Wants by Selena Robins

Welcome to my new base of operations, my mousehole, my bunker. Here is where you’ll hear me rant, rave and behave in a manner both becoming and unbecoming to a dignified British romance author. So let’s get everything kicked off with a review of a book I recently devoured, shall we? I picked up What a Girl Wants by Selena Robins, thinking it was going to be your average contemporary romance – which I wouldn’t have minded – but I. Was. Wrong. Rare is a romance that surprises me. And when they do, I LOVE it!


What A Girl Wants focuses on the relationship between Maddie and Alex, two friends who have attraction simmering beneath the surface. On one business trip to Hawaii, Maddie decides to throw caution – and her underwear – to the wind and turn up the heating on their friendship. Unfortunately for her, Alex wants to preserve the temperature for the sake of their relationship – even while he fantasises about her legs. Cue a whole load of hilarious seductions from Maddie, some super-charged stares, banter that makes you laugh out loud, and kisses hot enough to melt chocolate.

Selena Robins has a gift for humour. It’s on every page, in Maddie and Alex’s banter, in her talks with her friend, in her thoughts: ‘If marriage is the answer, I’ll take another question.’ I found myself smiling more with this book, than I have for a while. Not only does Robins balance the humour well without it getting hijinks-silly, the sexual tension between these two friends is scorching. Their first kiss…well, trust me on this. You’ll want to have some ice nearby.

So, sexy, funny, cute, light-hearted. Why did this book surprise me? The plot thickens – literally. We delve into a much deeper issue about parentage, which is balanced expertly with the lighter comedy-romance parts. Not only this, Robins also delivers twist after twist after twist. Just when I think I know where the plot will go next, she flips it on you and takes you to somewhere completely different. The end is fast-paced, but realistic, and I love how the issues surrounding the book are resolved. I loved the secondary characters, both of the MC’s friends. I’d love to see a sequel – hint, hint!

I’m definitely looking forward to more books by this author.

Find the book on Amazon, Samhain, Google Play and Barnes and Noble (and more!)

And to hear about Selena’s writings, ramblings and other -ings, follow her on Twitter!