Kick Off Review: What a Girl Wants by Selena Robins

Welcome to my new base of operations, my mousehole, my bunker. Here is where you’ll hear me rant, rave and behave in a manner both becoming and unbecoming to a dignified British romance author. So let’s get everything kicked off with a review of a book I recently devoured, shall we? I picked up What a Girl Wants by Selena Robins, thinking it was going to be your average contemporary romance – which I wouldn’t have minded – but I. Was. Wrong. Rare is a romance that surprises me. And when they do, I LOVE it!


What A Girl Wants focuses on the relationship between Maddie and Alex, two friends who have attraction simmering beneath the surface. On one business trip to Hawaii, Maddie decides to throw caution – and her underwear – to the wind and turn up the heating on their friendship. Unfortunately for her, Alex wants to preserve the temperature for the sake of their relationship – even while he fantasises about her legs. Cue a whole load of hilarious seductions from Maddie, some super-charged stares, banter that makes you laugh out loud, and kisses hot enough to melt chocolate.

Selena Robins has a gift for humour. It’s on every page, in Maddie and Alex’s banter, in her talks with her friend, in her thoughts: ‘If marriage is the answer, I’ll take another question.’ I found myself smiling more with this book, than I have for a while. Not only does Robins balance the humour well without it getting hijinks-silly, the sexual tension between these two friends is scorching. Their first kiss…well, trust me on this. You’ll want to have some ice nearby.

So, sexy, funny, cute, light-hearted. Why did this book surprise me? The plot thickens – literally. We delve into a much deeper issue about parentage, which is balanced expertly with the lighter comedy-romance parts. Not only this, Robins also delivers twist after twist after twist. Just when I think I know where the plot will go next, she flips it on you and takes you to somewhere completely different. The end is fast-paced, but realistic, and I love how the issues surrounding the book are resolved. I loved the secondary characters, both of the MC’s friends. I’d love to see a sequel – hint, hint!

I’m definitely looking forward to more books by this author.

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