Ashes Only Ninety-Nine Cents!

He lifted his head so their faces were a breath apart. His eyes were like brands, claiming her soul. Though she fought against the pull, it was like trying to push back a wall of jelly.

— Ashes, Sophie H. Morgan

I’ve been sitting here a while, wondering how best to phrase this amazing sale that has started on Ashes. It was my debut, the first in the Divided Kingdom series and to this day, still one of my favorite books that I’ve written. A hot-tempered royal runaway? A sarcastic, charming shifter? With a love story in the past and a present where kidnapping is not unheard of, tying to the bed is standard and an evil human ruler tries to come between them? What’s not to love?


And for a short time, you can enjoy delving into the broken lands of the Divided Kingdom with Ana and Cade by spending ONLY NINETY NINE CENTS. I’m not even kidding. And with the second in the series releasing next week, this is your perfect opportunity to catch up.  If you’re unsure, check out what a few reviewers thought of Ashes:

‘ASHES is a fun ride containing explosive action, subterfuge, and romance’ — Urban Fantasy Investigations

‘Ashes is creative, fun, fast paced, and I fell in love with Ana and Cade almost immediately.’ — Vampire Book Club

“The characters in Ashes are awesome […] I can’t wait to learn more about this world.” — All Things Urban Fantasy

Find this amazing deal on Samhain, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Google Play!

Catch you in the Maze!



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