Coming Up

IMG_0652This week marks the second week of Whispers’ release, and the second week of its blog tour.

This week, there’ll be two spotlights, an interview, a top ten list where Sapphy talks about how to make Nathe crazy (can’t control that one, honestly!), and two reviews. Phew!

For those who want to know the nitty, gritty, here are the details:

Spotlights — 7th March, All I Want and More Books

8th March, Books N Pearls

Interview — 9th March, Urban Fantasy Investigations

Top Ten List Guest Blog — 10th March, Fang-tastic Books

Reviews — 11th March, Fanatical Paranormal Romantical

12th March, Once Untold



Please pop in if you feel like supporting Whispers 🙂 And remember there’s still time to win a pair of these fabulous Whispers-inspired earrings through each of these blogs!

May you all have a good week!



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