Playing Catch-Up


That is the sound of an ill person slowly struggling back to life. Have you ever had a cold that is so close to calling itself flu but your body can still function enough to move? THAT is what I’ve had for a week now. And let me tell you, it’s nasty. From a sharp sore throat to a hacking cough to muzzy head, I’ve had it all, and what’s worse is I didn’t even feel well enough to READ.


Anyway, the bug is packing its bags (please, please, it’s packing to go!) so I’m now playing catch-up to the million and one things I’ve had to leave dangling while I dragged myself through the day to day.

20160221_145109Like DON’T FORGET about the giveaway to win these fantastic earrings! There’s only thirty – count ’em, THIRTY – hours left so make sure you click through to my last stop on WHISPERS’s blog tour to win! The lovely Echo Fox Books is hosting my guest post about how to build a fantasy world alongside the giveaway. Make sure you check them out, too.

What else? I got a fantastic five star review from Fanatical Paranormal Romantical for WHISPERS, stating that she’d read ASHES and enjoyed it but ‘Whispers I found to be even better’. 🙂 It’s nerve-wracking releasing a second book, hoping it lives up to expectations, so that made my week! You can read the full review here.

So back to writing, back to WHISPERS and back to reading, and my next read is one that’s been on my TBR pile for a while: a romantic suspense by a fellow Samhain author, STILL LIFE by D.B. Kennison promises to be both sexy and thrilling and hilarious – and I can’t wait to start! This it its info on Goodreads: Still Life.

P.S. Remember to check out that giveaway here! T-minus 30 hours and counting!!!


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