Distrac…Oh, a Squirrel!

Is there anything worse than knowing you should do something when your mind is willing to do anything but?

(Yes. Starting with a rhetorical question. 😉 A big no-no 🙂 )

But seriously. I’ve been playing catch-up, as you know, and I’ve managed to eke out some writing time, but mostly my brain seems unwilling to cooperate. Writing can be fantastic when the creativity is flowing, but if the spring’s dried up, the muse is ‘back in five minutes’ and your Facebook and Twitter feed is pinging you, it can be ve-ery tempting to just mosey on over and have a look at something else.

It. Is. Very. Naughty.

As writers, we’re supposed to be disciplined creatures. We’re supposed to be able to block out the distractions of life and focus on that white page and let the words come. Except sometimes they don’t. I can be terrible. My biggest distractions:

  • Nellie, the new puppy, who has developed a strong fondness for laces, especially ones attached to whatever footwear I’m wearing. Also has a tendency to try and climb my chair like it’s her personal Everest.
  • Facebook/Twitter. It’s like a disease.
  • You can add Pinterest to that list. Pretty pictures for future inspiration, recipes, etc. I love the settings the best. Some fantastic landscapes on there. Check out my page to see 🙂 https://uk.pinterest.com/sophiehmorgan/
  • Sudoku on my phone – one quick game. Make that two. Or three. Can’t leave it on an odd number. Geez.
  • An excellent song that comes on my playlist that demands dancing like a loon around the room – think September, by Earth, Wind and Fire. 🙂
  • And now you can add writing a blog post.

You see? Don’t get me wrong. I am CRAZY about this story I’m writing. The hero and heroine are delicious together, the plot’s challenging… Yet it can still be easy to wander across and do something else. So, decision made. I’m unplugging the ol’ Wi-Fi until I get a couple thousand words done and dusted.

So see you in a few hours. Unless, you know, I have to show George Michael I, too, have Faith 😉


2 thoughts on “Distrac…Oh, a Squirrel!

  1. Apparently we are twins separated by an ocean. I wrote a blog very similar to this today (didn’t post it yet). I’ve decided to start exercising when I’m stuck in “what happens next?” land. My wip may never get done, but I’ll be in excellent shape.


    • LOL. Great minds, etc… 🙂 That is probably the best use of time I’ve heard when distracted. Much better than eating chocolate, which, since it’s Easter soon, seems to be another thing I can add to my “distraction” list 😉

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