Interview: D.B. Kennison

I’m thrilled to host a fantastic author on today’s blog. You might have read my glowing review of STILL LIFE by D.B Kennison yesterday – if you haven’t, you can read that here – so I’m pleased to get the ins and outs of this author’s mind from the horse’s mouth. Please welcome D.B. Kennison!

Welcome, Darlene! Thanks so much for appearing on my blog today. 🙂 Firstly, name something I wouldn’t be able to find out about you through Google.

I love to swim. So much so, that I think I must have been a fish or porpoise in another life. When I’m in a ‘zone’, I will swim at least a mile every day. 

Blimey, that’s good. I’m a strict landlubber. Or a dangle-your-feet-in-a-pool person 😉 Can you tell us a little about STILL LIFE (for those who haven’t read its awesomeness yet)?

51qlFbdgWRL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_STILL LIFE is a quirky murder mystery that takes place in a small Midwest town. The leading lady finds herself in the middle of a police investigation and naturally butts heads with the detective in charge, which makes for an interesting premise as the story unfolds. It was a fun book to write, as I was able to include interesting real bits about Wisconsin throughout. Here’s the official blurb:
Randi Lassiter is twenty-nine, divorced, and remarkably content with her nonexistent social life. Mainly because she moonlights for an attorney nabbing adulterers—like her ex—with her camera.

When she stumbles across a mutilated body, it takes fast-talking to convince the arrogant detective she’s not a suspect. One look at him, and she pegs him as a guy who uses his sexy smirk to separate women from their panties.

When Detective Jon Bricksen is named lead investigator of the first murder this microscopic town has seen in forty years, he questions his decision to leave the death and violence of Milwaukee behind. Randi’s cleavage—and her questionable sleuthing skills—aren’t making his job any easier.

Theirs is a partnership of aggravation until her small-town network results in critical progress. Forced into an uneasy alliance, they battle a growing attraction—and a killer who’s out to make them the stars of his next piece of deadly performance art.

Sounds as good as it was! I love quirky murder mysteries – the quirkier, the better. Do you have a dream cast for this book?

It was challenging for me to come up with a dream cast for this project because I never pictured any specific individual in these character roles. Here’s my best shot.

Elisha Cuthbert – Randi Lassiter

Toni Collette- CJ DanielsMV5BMjE3MDUyNjM1N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDc3NDY2Mg@@._V1_UY317_CR9,0,214,317_AL_

Josh Duhamel – Jon Leuenberger

Jaimie Alexander – Becca Howell

OMG, I can totally picture Elisha Cuthbert – or Faith as I know her best 😉 – as Randi. She’s got so much sass in her pinkie alone! And Josh Duhamel, well, enough said. *strokes the pretty*

What is your favourite part of writing?

I love to immerse myself in the story and envision myself in the exact setting of place and time that I’m writing about. When I do this, I’m fascinated by how the characters end up revealing themselves to me, sometimes in a quite surprising manner.

Surprising…or frustrating, lol! Characters are the best when they’re a law unto themselves, eh? So, will there be a Randi Lassiter 2? What else is in the works?

Many!   I’ve started book 3 in the Randi Lassiter series as well as a spin-off trilogy featuring a crime analyst character from STILL LIFE. A thriller called RAGE (working title) which features a revenge plot played out on social media and involves a mash up of Internet Technology, psychology, and cutting-edge science, and a star-crossed romance set in Scotland. If I’m ever bored with one project, I just pull out another.

Wow, sounds varied and fantastic! That’s the best way to be as a writer, I think, so as not to let the writing reflect your boredom 🙂 I can’t wait for the sequel and that thriller sounds intriguing…

Who are your biggest influences (in how you write)?

I follow the advice of both Stephen King and James Patterson when it comes to writing. While each may have different methods to getting a novel finished, the two things I keep in mind when I’m creating are one, to get the story down as quickly as possible and edit later, and two, to speak plainly and avoid big words when little ones will do.  I’m also a big fan of Tami Hoag. She’s probably the most inspirational figure I think of when writing because she started out as a romance writer and grew to become a best selling author of suspense.

I think we all must follow the advice of King Stephen – whose book ON WRITING is a must for writers! I’ve heard of Tami Hoag, but never picked her up. *Wanders over to Amazon*

What one book would you reread over and over again?

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Obviously a stellar choice for all sorts of reasons. If I could step into a book and live the life of one character, Claire Randall Fraser would be it.

I really need to read this book – or watch the series! Everyone is always saying how good it is. 

One last quirky question: what flavour of ice cream best describes you?

Rocky Road. It’s been an arduous journey to get here but all that angst has made me the writer I am today and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Fantastic answer! (And a very yummy one, though sadly I can’t eat marshmallow 😦 I live vicariously through you!) Thank you so much for coming on my blog today, Darlene. To end, give me your best pickup line 😉 

Pickup line, that is rich (snort). Okay, just for the record, I’ve never purposely flirted. I wouldn’t know how. I can make my characters do it, but if I had to…then it would come out awkward, strange, and just wrong. If I had a pick a line, it would be this: “Hey handsome, I love that shirt. You know what else would look good on you. Me!”

*snorts* You can find STILL LIFE at Amazon, Samhain Publishing, Barnes and Noble, and other online retailers. And find out more about Darlene though her website, her Facebook page or look her up on Twitter!

img_5748_1_1.jpgDB Kennison was born and raised in Colorado where some of her fondest memories took place with a book tightly fisted in her hands and days were spent reading and daydreaming. As a kid, she remembers weekly trips to the library and the excitement of getting to pick something fresh and new from the stacks. She still feels that way when looking for a new book to read.

After moving to Wisconsin, she came to love life in a small town and along with it, an appreciation of great beer, and cheese. Her heart is there among the rolling hills and limestone bluffs.

DB currently lives in the middle of nowhere with her handsome, supportive husband, and three spoiled dachshunds, which vie for position as daily muse.

As someone with an active imagination, she is constantly weaving tales and now putting it all down on paper. What an adventure!


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