Snippet Sunday

Ah, Sundays. Have to be my favourite day of the week. A day when you’re encouraged to put away the work and read in an armchair or stuff your face with excellent food. Or maybe that’s just in my house 😉

Of course, for a writer, there’s no rest for the wicked of mind. I often spend Sunday afternoons in bed with my characters, and today, I thought I’d give you a sneak-peek at what I’m working on.

To avoid spoilers for the Divided Kingdom fans, I’ll tuck book 4’s teasers away and instead focus on my other work in progress. Book one of a planned trilogy, it bases around New York in an alternate world where ghosts – so to speak – are alive and well. A strong-minded woman with talent is brought to her knees by a dark, gorgeous man with hidden intentions. I’m keeping the plot close to my chest, along with any specifics – don’t want to give the game away! 😉 – but here’s a little snippet to whet your appetites. Hope you enjoy it – and have a great Sunday, whatever you’re doing.


Amusement flashed in those sin-dark eyes. His movements as he went about pouring himself a drink were lazy but leashed, as if at any minute he could burst into action.

Jade made no pretence she wasn’t studying him. She’d known he was gorgeous, though the sharpness of his features created a predatory look that didn’t come through on the glossy pages of Forbes. Like his office, the man was harsh edges, black and white, dark hair and white skin. And like his space, he was ruthlessly organised, from the strict cut of his wavy espresso-coloured hair to the three-piece tailored suit he wore as easily as the aura of power.

The slosh of liquid hitting crystal added to the awkwardness staining the air. Jade eyed his casual behaviour with building annoyance. When he placed the glass topper back in the decanter, the chink added one more note to the irritation.

He couldn’t know what she was. Everyone who knew would die before letting her secret out. Though she didn’t know why else he’d meet with her, she was not going to let some arrogant, condescending Lord toy with her as he would a puzzle. Besides, Gram had always said, the best defence was a good offense.

So she planted her shaking legs. “Mr Cole, why did you bring me here?”

—Excerpt from Lord’s Desire, Sophie H. Morgan


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