Interview: Selena Robins

The astute among you will recognise the name of the fabulous author I get to host (and interview!) today. Weeks ago, for my debut post, I reviewed the fantastic WHAT A GIRL WANTS by Selena, and I’m thrilled to be able to host her today. If you’re intrigued about the review I gave for the book, you can check that out here. 🙂 With no more ado, welcome, Selena and let’s get to grilling 😉

Thanks so much for appearing on my blog today, Selena! To kick off, name something I wouldn’t be able to find out about you through Google.

I was once on a game show. “How Smart Are You Canada?” I was on a team of romance writers, and we competed against other teams. We didn’t win, the group of English Teachers won. Imagine that?

Not at all! Romance writers clearly should have won. Can you tell us a little about WHAT A GIRL WANTS? Besides how fantastic is, of course 😉

WHAT A GIRL WANTS is a contemporary romance set in Hawaii with a friends-to-lovers theme, coupled with dysfunctional family dynamics, extreme sports, pillow fights, chocolate, cherries, semi-naked golf, assisted showers, sensuality with comedy and a splash of suspense/mystery. There are a few twists and everyone who has read this book have said, they just didn’t see the resolutions coming, and were surprised at the ending.

Including me – which both delighted and vexed me, ha! I do like to guess. Do you have a dream cast for this book?

This is always a hard question to answer, because I see the characters in my head a certain way and although I do use visual aids for inspiration, they never quite make the cut from my own imagination.

However, if Hollywood came knocking, I wouldn’t hesitate to give my opinion on a dream cast.

DREAM-CAST-WAGW-1.jpgMaddie – Emma Stone

Alex – Antonio Cupo

Reece – Kelly Cuoco

Tim – Liam Hemsworth
Felicia – Kelly RutherfordDREAM-CAST-WAGW-2.jpg

Maxwell – Richard Gere

Crystal – Kerry Washington

Victor – Stanley Tucci


Can I just say I heartily approve your casting choice of Liam Hemsworth and Antonio Cupo? I’ll reread WAGW with new eyes *swoons*

What is your favourite part of writing?

I love the creativity and freedom of editing, revising and polishing. I do struggle with letting it go and saying, okay, this is good, but then I think, is it good enough? I enjoy going back and refining it, because I get to tap into the characters emotions a bit more.

A common issue among writers, eh? Is the writing ever good enough? 🙂 What other projects are you working on?

SelenaRobins_OnceUponAKiss_1600px.jpgI’m currently finishing up ONCE UPON A KISS, plus I’m working on a ghost writing project, which I can’t talk about just yet, and I’m also working on my short story TEMPTED BY AN ANGEL and turning it into a novella (thanks to the outpouring of support and demand from readers who want more of characters and this story).

Yes, I cannot wait to read more about ONCE UPON A KISS! I hear tell it’s got a mistaken identity theme – which I LOVE. I always find the big reveal really captivating 🙂


Who are your biggest influences in how you write?

Other authors who I love to read, and readers who reach out and connect with me.

Very true, who are we without our readers?! What one book would you reread over and over again?


It’s witty, poignant, hopeful and each time I read it I get a different message from it. Also a great reminder of how life can turn on a dime, and to be grateful for what I have and not give a thought to what I don’t have.

I love that. How great to take what could be a very sad book and take something optimistic from it! I loved going around Anne Frank’s house when I visited Holland, but there was an air of unrest, of history that shivered on my skin. It’s nice to think what we could learn from it. 🙂

On a lighter note, 🙂 , what flavour of ice cream best describes you?

Cookies and ice-cream flavor.

*salivates* NICE. To end, tell me your best pickup line.

LOL! I’ve never used one and married for 24 years, I wouldn’t know where to start. If I were to advise anyone on a pick-up line, I’d say the best would be to just say, “Hello. Let’s cut to the chase. I like your smile. I want to get to know you. I’m not a bunny-boiler or stalker, let’s have chat.”

*sniggers* At least it’s original to inform you’re not a psychopath upfront 😉 Thank you so much for being my guest today, Selena! And make sure you all check out the fabulously hilarious WHAT A GIRL WANTS and look for Selena’s latest release ONCE UPON A KISS, out late May. 🙂

Selena Robins is the author of genre-defying romance novels written with wit, sensuality, mystery and a lot of fun. A chocolate guru, addicted to cooking shows, she dances with her dog and sings into her hairbrush. Selena also writes children’s literature under the pen name Maddie Ryan.

To learn more about Selena connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and/or her website.


20 thoughts on “Interview: Selena Robins

  1. Great interview, ladies. Selena, I need to dig up footage of your game show appearance! How did I ever miss it? Hugs to you both.


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  3. Great interview Selena, I loved What a Girl Wants. And I’m excited for Once Upon a Kiss to come out! And Pat is right Selena is a great person with a fun sense of humor!

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