Moor to Write

There’s nothing I love better than a good research trip (and a good pun!)

Recently my mum and step-dad bought a small house in the Yorkshire Dales as a second home and holiday let. They’ve been doing it up which means a lot of 2/3 hour car trips up and down from where we live. Usually the day job commands my presence, but this past week fell just right for me to have it off and to travel up there to help out.

I love York. I go every year on my birthday, and there’s something incredibly special about its cobbled streets and quaint shops. Almost like stepping back in time. So I was pleased when my mum told me the house they were going to buy was based in that area. Turns out, the Dales are as old fashioned and beautiful as its city.

As most keen readers know, the Brontes (I can’t work out how to get the dots over the ‘e’ so excuse the mistake) lived in the Yorkshire moors, not too far from where the house is. But so much to do, so few days, we didn’t actually get to see the exact moors fictional Cathy and Heathcliff roamed across. Next time! We did get to go on some gorgeous local walks with my spaniels though, and they went crazy over them.

You feel refreshed in Yorkshire. I can’t count how many times people said hello and held doors for you, genuinely friendly to strangers. It really had a great effect on my writing, like a shot of caffeine. It’s continuing even now I’m home – maybe something to do with the photos I took? When it wears off, I guess I’ll be heading back…for moor (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

I only put a few up, but if you want to see the photos, see my Instagram! 🙂


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