Review: WHAT A RICH WOMAN WANTS by Barbara Meyers

I’ve read some really good books since my last review, but none more so than WHAT A RICH WOMAN WANTS by Barbara Meyers. The book is from the same publishing house as me, but features more of a contemporary romance vibe with the same great humour all Samhain Publishing books possess. If you like sassy humour and sexy times, this is the book for you:

Madre de Dios,” he muttered.

“What does that mean?”

“It means you should come with a warning label.”

What a Rich Woman Wants, Barbara Meyers

28268227I could end this review with just the above quote. It tells a reader everything they could want to know about this book. Humour? Check. Sauciness? Check. Romance that goes the distance? Ahh, but that’d be telling. 🙂

I didn’t quite know what to expect with WARWW. From the first few pages, I was drawn in by the author’s light, easy control of language, and liked both of the mains from the introduction. Leslie has to be in control; she’s a working mom with a father who’s had a severe stroke and a son she can’t relate to. Enter Nico, a working cop with a group he wants to raise money for, who rubs her angles and is possibly the most gorgeous man written into fiction. Seriously. He cares about children, he puts himself out for people, he’s funny and serious and just plain awesome. These were two characters I couldn’t wait to see get together.

But there’s more in it than simple romance. Mystery, intrigue, surprise after surprise hits the reader as you go through the pages (in my case quickly and into the wee hours), and all the while is the romance we came for. Class divide features but not heavily so, which I was glad about because it always depresses me when society women in romances think too much about what people think if they date ‘a commoner’. I can never respect them after that, but Meyers weaved just enough to gift the romance a credible obstacle.

This book surprised me in the best possible way, even to the end. I was left with a warm, happy glow that only the best romances give me. I will definitely be browsing her backlist.

2015-02-06-22-14-14-4Find the book on Amazon, the Samhain website, and other booksellers! And check out Barbara Meyers here 🙂


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