Cover Reveal: Her Wish

I am beyond thrilled to finally be able to share my amazeballs cover from St. Martin’s Press for the first in my new Genie series, HER WISH.

Well. Heroes and Heartbreakers are revealing it. See that here.

In addition, the book is up for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and will be released Feb 21st 2017 🙂 *jumps up and down*

Are you ready for this deliciousness……..????


Scrumminess indeed…

Don’t you just love?

And to tease you even more, here’s the blurb to go with! Let me know if you like it 🙂 And remember to pre-order while it’s cheap!

Charlie’s sick of Genies. Too beautiful, too sure of themselves, too “celebrity”. And way too eager to grant wishes in the worldwide Lottery that entices mortals into buying tickets in the hope of winning their desires. Charlie would rather walk naked through Times Square than buy a ticket. Unfortunately, her friend springs for one in Charlie’s name – and it gets picked. She refuses to get sucked in and has no qualms about saying so to the famously arrogant, devilishly handsome Genie at her door. Sexy Blue Eyes will just have to take no for an answer.

Jax Michaels would love to take no for an answer. As the most famous Genie on the East Coast, known for his sex appeal, his cheeky interviews, and his roguish style of granting wishes, he only has to turn to the next in line to find a willing partner. After all, every woman wants him – except, apparently, Charlie Donahue, who throws back his charming words, sneers at his calculated grins, and refuses to even consider wishing. Jax isn’t a fool. He’s prepared to wash his hands of this infuriating, appealing female…until his Handler informs him that quitting is not an option. And if he can’t talk her into wishing, Jax will have to try playing a little dirty.


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