Here’s to 2018

26197306_10155127182931408_1384190290_nAnother day, another new year. It seems the older you get, the faster time goes. I could swear I was counting down to 2017 yesterday with my family, about to do the peculiar tribal dance where we lock hands and spin to Auld Lang Syne (don’t all families?)

I don’t like the phrase new year, new you. I think it’s always good to have goals, ambitions, but why should that mean you have to be a completely new you? Evolve, that’s fine. Grow, totally cool. But don’t throw out your entire personality. You can only be you because everyone else is taken (totally stole and paraphrased that quote, thank you Oscar Wilde)

2017 was a year where I grew out of my old job and into a role that challenges me, what I think I can do versus what I can do. I saw two more of my books go into the world, saw readers welcome them (and who wouldn’t welcome Jax and Ryder, the gorgeous scamps?)and worked on yet more luscious Genies to send out soon. Birthdays and anniversaries came and went, we had our first family wedding where my beautiful sister got married to a man who can now never not be an unofficial ‘Morgan’ (did we not explain that clause in the wedding vows?) We encountered a teenager going into adulthood and a child entering teenagedom, and celebrated another twelfth birthday as we all seemed to believe my third sister had already reached that landmark (including her).

——–> SERIOUS MOMENT. I want to thank each and every one of my readers who have written a review or recommended my books. I would send you a cake if I knew all your names and where you lived and if I had endless money. For now, good vibes are coming your way, my friends. SERIOUS MOMENT OVER <———

So 2018. What will happen this year? What do I want from 2018?

I think as you get older, you realise the most important goals you should have are the simplest: Be happy. Be healthy. Be together. Don’t get me wrong; if the universe would send me a few three-book deals for my Genies, I wouldn’t turn my face away. And sure, if I happened to win the Lottery, I’m not going to humbly bow my head and deny the universe. But for now, be happy, be healthy and be together.

2018 offers 365 new blank pages for you to write on. Go write the best chapter of your lives.

Happy New Year, everyone!



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