His Command

Playboy Genies, book 2

15577812_10154079337341408_561335775_nHe’s a genie. She’s a mortal.

He’s a flirt. She’s definitely-certainly-absolutely done with charming men.

What happens when this playboy runs across the one woman who doesn’t fall under his spell?

Magic of course…


Hailey has been given the chance of her career. All she has to do is plan and execute the perfect society wedding and she’ll get the promotion she’s been working towards. Too bad the groom is her ex-boyfriend. Ryder hates seeing a damsel in distress and with a little genie magic is determined to make the sexy Miss Hailey have a little bit of fun. All she has to do is follow his lead and she’ll get everything she’s ever wished for.

“It’s official! I’m absolutely in love with Sophie H. Morgan and her genies.”

“The author made this a well rounded tale with emotional content as we learned much more about Ryder and his life so far.”

“One of the best parts of this story was learning the different layers of the hero & heroine.”

“Hailey and Ryder were wonderful together, bringing plenty of witty banter, sweet moments and magic between the sheets.”

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“Now onto my other proposal.” Ryder’s voice slipped in between beats of her heart, tripped the detonator switch.

She dared a glance upward at his beautiful face. God only knew what he was going to suggest now. “Uh-huh…?”

“I want to help you have more fun. Sort of a thank you for helping me out with Leo’s party. Good Samaritan kind of thing.”

“I’m getting a wish out of it.”

“So think of this as an added bonus. I like you.” He sounded almost surprised about it. “I want to see you…blossom.”

“This is because I told you about what Kate said, right?”

“Maybe.” His grin was slow. Dirty. Only he could make a smile dirty. “C’mon. Let me show you how to have fun.”

“For the love of…” She shook her head. “I. Have. Fun.”

“Name me one thing in your life right now that’s fun.”


Damn it.

She glared. “I watched Hart of Dixie last night with a glass of wine.”

“Whoa. I’m sorry, I was wrong, you wild thing.”

Her glower upped a notch. “Just because you don’t think it’s fun.”

“You need to be out with the people. Real people. Taking some risks, setting yourself some challenges. You know, spontaneous fun.”

Spontaneous. She knew not of what he spoke. Must be that thing Ethan said she could never do. God, even Ryder, who’d known her all of one week, could see how pathetic she was.

“You’re sad again.”

“Cut it out.” She released the chair and folded her arms in defense. “Maybe our ideas of fun don’t mesh.”

“Or maybe you’re too chicken.”

“Yep.” She nodded. “So now we’re decided on that –”

“Come on.” A laugh was in his voice as he protested. “Hailey, you’re planning your ex’s wedding. I’d say you could use an injection of ridiculous, irresponsible fun.”

“Okay, if this ‘injection’ is another name for your penis, I’m throwing you out.”

His laugh was stronger this time, brown eyes aglow. “I’d like to think I’m a little more sophisticated than that.”

She eyed him, the crinkles around his eyes as he grinned. Before she could help herself, she said, “What kind of fun?”

That dimple creased his cheek as he waggled his eyebrows. “Intrigued?”

“No.” Maybe.

“Hmm. Well,” he said, leaning in, bracing himself on the table so his muscles bunched. “For it to work, and I have to state this upfront, you’d have to do as I say.”

She shot him a look drowning in wry humor. “Good one.”

“I’m serious. You’ve had control – too much, if you ask me – over your life and look where it’s got you. Planning your ex’s wedding and staying home every Saturday night with the saddest eyes I’ve ever seen.”

Her mouth dropped. The blunt honesty of the man… They should study him in some museum.

“For my plan to work, you’d have to listen to me. Take commands.”

“Did we time travel to the eighteen hundreds where you think I’ll actually say yes to this crap?”

He laughed. “Not about everything,” he said as if that was crazy. “Just the things that relate to fun.”

Okay, he was insane if she thought she’d blindly follow orders. Like she’d be interested in that kind of crazy. Yeah, she’d thought about the kind of man he’d insisted she needed, a man who’d take her control and push her to the edge, and sure, she could see his point about how being rigid with the reins hadn’t got her very far. But please. She wasn’t that wrecked.

Except she still heard Ethan’s words in her head.

Okay, she wasn’t sold, but in the interests of curiosity, Hailey waved a hand. “So tell me about this great plan I’ll be meekly following orders to the tune of.”

“Very simple. We do all the crap that scares you. That’s where following my orders comes into play.”

“Sounds great.” Heavy on the sarcasm, she smiled. “I hear and obey, Master.”

“I like the sounds of that.” His eyes on hers, he began moving around the table. Her heart picked up until the beats were one continuous line.

“What are you doing?” she managed as he leaned into her personal space. Electricity snapped, crackled, and yes, popped as he slid his hand into hers, tracing the sensitive in between areas of her fingers.

“Didn’t I tell you Genies don’t follow gentlemen’s rules?” He brought her hand to his mouth. His breath was warm as he nipped the pad of her index finger. She jumped. “C’mon, Hailey. Let me show you how to live life and not just watch. Let me show you how to have fun.”